ATIC Announces Initiatives for A Better Arizona

Driving Arizona’s Future through Improved Internet Access Throughout Arizona

PHOENIX, AZ – October 1, 2015 –  The Arizona Telecommunications and Information Council (ATIC) releases it’s Areas of Focus for 2016 including 1 Gigabit Internet to ALL Arizona schools by 2021.

“ATIC’s focus is on improving Internet and the use of Internet throughout Arizona, including Rural Communities, providing a better future throughout our great state” said Robert Backie, Chair at ATIC.  “By improving Internet we provide our kids better education, healthcare and economic development opportunities.”

Areas of Focus

ATIC has established three primary Areas of Focus driving it’s 2016 initiatives.  These Areas of Focus are 1) Education, 2) Healthcare and 3) Economic Development, all driven by better use of the Internet.  ATIC promotes public policies for Internet focused Education that includes 1 gigabit of Internet available to all schools in Arizona by 2021.  ATIC will continue working with other non-profit organizations to achieve this goal, providing a better way of life throughout the state.

TeleHealth 2015

On Tuesday, October 20, 2015, ATIC teams up with the University of Arizona TeleMedicine program, T-Health Institute and Southwest Telehealth Resource Center for an afternoon of TeleMedicine.  This informative afternoon features talks from Former Phoenix Mayor Phil Gordon and Dr. Ronald Weinstein, Director of the Arizona Telemedicine Program.

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About Arizona Telecommunications and Information Council (ATIC)

Founded in 1993, ATIC has led the development and usage of enhanced Internet in Arizona including the 2012 Rural Broadband Bills -SB1402 and SB1403- and the TeleMedicine Parity Bill – SB1353- in 2013.   ATIC is an impartial 501(c)6 Non-Profit focused on improving the lives of all residents of Arizona.  Our board members consist of telecommunication professionals, cyber-security experts, business leaders and concerned Arizona residents.