Arizona voters want a state budget surplus spent on education, say the results of a new poll.

There’s a good chance that Arizona will wind up with a budget surplus of more than $250 million for the current fiscal year that ends June 30.

Gov. Doug Ducey has said he wants to look for ways to cut taxes further and to fund a border drug strike force with “tens of millions of dollars.”

The poll indicates Arizona voters don’t want that. The survey, conducted by research and communications firm Strategies 360, said 72 percent said invest that money in education.

“It certainly says one thing very clearly, that the Arizona electorate is paying very, very close attention to what is happening to public education in the state, and they have concluded that a course correction is needed and more than that, they are willing to pony up for it,” said Drew Lieberman, who conducted the poll.

“The fact that education trumps border security as a priority for people tells you a lot about where their minds are.”

Lieberman’s group interviewed 500 registered voters; 43 percent were Republican, 33 percent Democratic and 18 percent independent.

“Another things is that our company is nonpartisan, so we are not beholden to clients on the left or the right,” Lieberman said.

The survey found border security ranked as one of the lowest priorities.

From:  Arizona Public Media

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